This website points to a recall of specific Delonghi manufactured oil filled heaters.
Follow these 4 steps to determine if your heater is in the recall.

How This DeLonghi Exploding Heaters Recall Can Possibly Save Your Life

With a Free Call, You Could Receive a Free Heater And Possibly Save Your Life

Do you have one of over 3.6 million Delonghi Exploding Heaters that was manufactured between 1980 and 1988?

Produced in Italy, these oil-filled electric radiators were not meant to be used with U.S. electrical sources, causing thousands of accidents –– some of which caused fires, explosions, and deaths, such as this trailer fire in Alabama on January 30, 2008.

To help you determine if you have one of these defective heaters, we’ve created a website at to show you the four specific steps you can take to determine if your particular oil-filled heater is included in this replacement program:

Step 1: Does your heater look like any of these?
Does it have a front control panel with a variety of styles, each of which has two power switches and a thermostat dial.

Some even have a timer on the face of the heater, though the opposite side of the control panel has no dials or switches.

The original packaging for your heater can also have a variety of styles.

Step 2: If so, do you want to check the model number?
The DeLonghi Exploding Heaters each have a sticker on the side of the unit with specific brand names and model numbers.

These include the following:

Brand Model Number
DeLonghi 9306, 9308, 9608, 4308, 5307, 5108, 5108T, 4707, 3107, 3107T
Sears 9306, 5008, 5009, 5307, 5108T, 3107
Welbilt 97/7308, 7308T, 97/7307


Step 3: Can you flip over the heater and check the sticker on the bottom?
Now, you have to find the aluminum sticker in the following format: XX-XX, such as 84-38 or 86-18.

For these DeLonghi Exploding Heaters, if the first number on the bottom sticker ranges from 80 to 88 AND is a model in the model list in Step 2, your heater is likely in the recall of the 3 million remaining units.

Step 4: If so, what should you do now?
If your heater matches both the brand, the model number, and the sticker number shown above, you should follow the instructions on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website at this link or by calling the CPSC at 1-800-322-3848. They will ask you to cut the power cord, mail it back to DeLonghi America, and the company will send you a brand new heater.

If you follow these instructions, you can take one more of the possible DeLonghi Exploding Heaters out of circulation and obtain a new replacement heater from DeLonghi.

What should you do if you think your heater has been recalled?
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