This website points to a recall of specific Delonghi manufactured oil filled heaters.
Follow these 4 steps to determine if your heater is in the recall.

A Comprehensive Video About The DeLonghi Radiator Heater Recall Program

Get In Touch About The DeLonghi Radiator Heater Recall Program. It Could Save Your Life.

Do you –– or someone you know –– own a DeLonghi oil-filled radiator heater that was manufactured in the U.S. between 1980 and 1988 –– and is now part of the DeLonghi Radiator Heater Recall Program?

Do you know that your portable heater could also be under the name of Sears or Welbilt?

If so, please call 1-800-322-3848 immediately because this call could save your life.

Why should you call ASAP? Because these heaters were found by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to have three design and/or construction defects which produce a risk of ignition.

Watch This Comprehensive Video: 

“93% of These DeLonghi Heaters Are Still In People’s Homes. Get Rid of Them.”
“Only about 250,000 of these heaters with defective switches have been replaced, said Walter A. Haynes IV, Esq., a Senior Partner at AGS, a Law Corporation in San Francisco. “That leaves more than 3 million still on the market across the United States–– the majority of which may still be in use.

“Each of these oil-filled heaters is a potential fire risk and they can ignite at any time,” Mr. Haynes added, “especially during the fall and winter months when more people depend on the convenience and portability of a space heater to warm up their homes or offices. The way these heaters catch themselves on fire is an internal failure –– and you can’t see it. If anyone has one of these heaters… get rid of it.”

“My Family Had a DeLonghi Heater… It Was Used in My Childhood Bedroom.”
Maya Juergens-Ingle was lucky to survive a potential disaster when she was a child. She grew up with a DeLonghi oil-filled radiator heater in her childhood home –– and it was even used in her bedroom when she was a baby. Now she’s very pleased to know about the DeLonghi Radiator Heater Recall Program.

“As soon as I found out that the DeLonghi Heater, which was the one I had, was part of the recall, I went home and checked to make sure that the one that was in our kitchen was part of the recall. It was. So then I told my Mom and my little brother that we should not use it any more, that it wasn’t safe, and that we needed to make sure it didn’t even plugged in.

“When I was a baby, my great aunt gave my Mom and Dad a DeLonghi heater. That heater was used in my bedroom when I was a baby. It turns out that the heater in my bedroom was in the recall and it could have burned up at anytime and started a fire in my house. Most of the people who died of the fires that I’ve heard of have been either elderly people or children who couldn’t get out in time… they weren’t able to get out in time.”

It Takes Less Than Five Minutes To See If Your Serial Number Is In The Recall.
“It’s pretty easy if your DeLonghi heater is part of the recall,” Maya continued, “you look at the serial number on the side and the bottom of the heater.” Next go to and follow instructions 1 through 4.

A Private Investigator Is Spreading The Word Through Craig’s List.
“Anybody using a heater is at risk,” said Charles Pfister, “but those at risk for the most tragic type of incident would be in households where the heater would be used in children’s bedrooms. The switch can short out and actually cause plastic to burn… ignite the oil in the heater.”

“I’ve Grown Up With Little, Portable Heaters Throughout My Life.”
Stuart Locklear is a San Francisco photographer who “still happens to use them in his photo studio. I know family members that use them in their home, in their bathrooms. So DeLonghi heaters are certainly on my mind… and I do keep my eyes open for the DeLonghi heaters.

“All you folks out there on social media platforms… take a look at your portable heaters. If you have one, find out if it’s a defective DeLonghi heater, and if so, get it out of your loved one’s home.”
Get In Touch About The DeLonghi Radiator Heater Recall Program.
The CPSC wants all owners of the remaining 3 million DeLonghi oil-filled heaters that were manufactured between 1980 to 1988, that were defective, and that are still on the market, participate in a free heater replacement program.

Just call 1-800-322-3848, request that DeLonghi replace your potentially malfunctioning portable heater, cut its power cord, mail it back to DeLonghi America, and they will send you a new replacement heater.

What should you do if you think your heater has been recalled?
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