This website points to a recall of specific Delonghi manufactured oil filled heaters.
Follow these 4 steps to determine if your heater is in the recall.

A Comprehensive Video About The DeLonghi Radiator Heater Recall Program

Get In Touch About The DeLonghi Radiator Heater Recall Program. It Could Save Your Life. Do you –– or someone you know –– own a DeLonghi oil-filled radiator heater that was manufactured in the U.S. between 1980 and 1988 –– and is now part of the DeLonghi Radiator Heater Recall Program? Do you know that your portable heater … Continued

Watch This Video About The DeLonghi Heater Replacement Program

Anybody using the DeLonghi heaters is at risk. Avoid any incident by taking advantage of the DeLonghi Radiator Heater Recall Program. Charles Pfister is a San Francisco Private Investigator. He works on a variety of complex and unusual cases that involve legal investigations and specialized research. Charles offers the unusual ability to combine street-level investigations … Continued

The Faulty Switch That Causes Fires on DeLonghi Oil-Filled Heaters

De’Longhi Manufactured Over 3.5 Million Oil-Filled Radiator-Type Electric Heaters Between 1980 and 1988 That Were later Found To Have A Faulty Switch Which Is Defective and Causes Fires. DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator Heaters, known as “The Incredible Heat Machine,” are also known for their Delonghi Heater Faulty Switch that has caused fires in the past. The … Continued

DeLonghi Heater Safety Tips for Parents of Young Children

Here Are 13 Tips to Keep Your Family Safe From Fires Caused by Heaters This Winter Suddenly, after all the heat waves this summer, there’s a nip in the air all around the San Francisco Bay Area. Nighttime temperatures are dropping into the 40s and 50s, while daytime temperatures are staying in the 50s and … Continued

A Winter Warning About Defective DeLonghi Heaters

Because of DeLonghi’s Defective Heaters, This Winter, Please Review If You Have a Model That Could Explode Winter is nearly here, which is when people start using portable electric heaters to keep themselves warm. This blog is to let you determine whether or not you may be using one of the oil-filled DeLonghi Defective Heaters … Continued

A News Video You Must See About DeLonghi Heaters: ABC-TV

Video Proof of DeLonghi’s Heater Causing Fatal Fires in San Francisco On Christmas Day 2013, while most homes in San Francisco was filled with families toasting the holidays and ecstatic children opening presents, one home was filled with smoke, fire, and a wrongful death because of a defective space heater. An oil-filled space heater from … Continued

How This DeLonghi Exploding Heaters Recall Can Possibly Save Your Life

With a Free Call, You Could Receive a Free Heater And Possibly Save Your Life Do you have one of over 3.6 million Delonghi Exploding Heaters that was manufactured between 1980 and 1988? Produced in Italy, these oil-filled electric radiators were not meant to be used with U.S. electrical sources, causing thousands of accidents –– some … Continued

Have You Heard About The DeLonghi Heater Recall and Replacement Program?

DeLonghi Manufactured Defective Heaters From 1980–1988 Fact: Between the years 1980 and 1988, the De’Longhi Appliances company created over 3.6 million oil-filled radiator heaters, which are now part of a worldwide DeLonghi Heater Recall and Replacement Program. Fact: Because these heaters were manufactured in Italy, they were not designed for U.S. power sources, which have … Continued

What The DeLonghi Website Isn’t Telling You About Its DeLonghi Oil Filled Heaters

Learn Why These Oil Heaters Are Being Replaced For Free The De’Longhi website sells dozens of products across more than 40 pages, including their extremely popular DeLonghi Oil Filled Heaters. You can also buy high-end toasters, sleek cappuccino and espresso machines, indoor grills, BBQ accessories, food blenders, confection ovens, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and air purifiers. … Continued

What should you do if you think your heater has been recalled?
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